Proxmox isn't for you

Publicado às 20/11/2022 13:00 • Última Atualização às 20/11/2022 14:53 • #proxmox

...if you aren't a data center selling VPSes for your clients, or if your workload isn't tailored for VMs.

Everyone uses Docker nowadays, but Proxmox doesn't natively support Docker. But you do have three different solutions on how to run Docker in it.

  • Installing a Linux OS in a VM and running Docker in it. This is the recommended solution by Proxmox.
  • Running Docker in a LXC container. This is not recommended, but it does work. However, if you are using ZFS, you need to install fuse-overlayfs in the container, and some people have reported that this solution can cause the Proxmox host to lock up due to deadlocks.
  • Running Docker on the Proxmox host itself. This is super not recommended since you should keep the hypervisor layer "clean".

I always thought that this was a super wtf move, "why wouldn't they support Docker? Everyone uses it nowadays!"

And recently, after using Proxmox since 2017... I understood why.