If you are managing your Docker containers via systemd services, you may get annoyed that your container logs are logged to syslog too, which can churn through your entire disk space.

Here's how to disable syslog forwarding for a specific systemd service:

cd /etc/systemd
cp journald.conf [email protected]
nano [email protected]

In the [email protected] configuration, change


Then, in your service's configuration file (/etc/systemd/system/service-here.service)...


And that's it! Now, if you want to look at your application logs, you need to use journalctl --namespace noisy -xe -u YOUR_SERVICE_HERE, if you don't include the --namespace, it will only show the service's startup/shutdown information.

journalctl --namespace noisy -xe -u powercms

This tutorial is based off hraban's answer, however their tutorial is how to disable logging to journald and, because I didn't find any other tutorial about how to disable syslog forwarding for specific services, I've decided to make one myself.