perfectionisperfect asked on /r/admincraft how MineAlong put an image in Minecraft's TAB list.

In the thread there were a lot of people saying "oh it is just a resource pack" but no one was saying how they did it, which is what OP asked for. So here's how they did it!

Here's a copy of the resource pack the server uses, just so you don't need to spend your time joining the server just to download the resource pack:

In the /assets/along/textures/font you can find the texture used in the TAB screen.

And then in the /assets/minecraft/font/default.json the image is registered in the font, it replaces \ue238, which is actually not a valid unicode character.

If you enable the resource pack and then paste the character in chat (you can copy them from the linked website above), this happens:

So, to that in your custom resource pack: Just add a image to your resource pack (Keep in mind that there is a size limit! 256x256 is the maximum limit and anything larger than that doesn't work!) in the /assets/server_name_here/textures/font/logo.png folder and add this to your /assets/minecraft/font/default.json file


And that's it! You may need to change the height and ascent to fit your logo.

Here's a example of using my own image on the chat:

And then, to use it on the TAB menu, just use your favorite TAB beautifier plugin and add the character to the plugin configuration.

And yes, you can create multiple images for your chat, just duplicate the {"file":"server_name_here:font/logo.png","chars":["\ue238"],"height":52,"ascent":33,"type":"bitmap"} section, change the file and chars to use different images and characters, and it should work fine!

{"providers":[{"file":"server_name_here:font/logo.png","chars":["\ue238"],"height":52,"ascent":33,"type":"bitmap"}, {"file":"server_name_here:font/logo2.png","chars":["\ue239"],"height":52,"ascent":33,"type":"bitmap"}, {"file":"server_name_here:font/logo3.png","chars":["\ue23a"],"height":52,"ascent":33,"type":"bitmap"}]}

Resources Packs are pretty powerful if you have the creativity to do amazing things with it!

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